FAQ’s from a reluctant vegan


Hi, My name is Meghan Murray and I am a reluctant vegan. Why reluctant? Because I really like dairy products and meat. So then, (FAQ #1) Why are you vegan?! I am vegan because I don’t feel that I can buy the meat and animal products sold in our stores with a clear moral conscience. I refuse to let my taste buds be more important than exercising responsible dominion of the earth. You can do your own research on this, I’m not trying to convert anyone, these are just my own personal convictions.

FAQ #2 But where do you get your protein?! Do you even know how much protein that you are supposed to consume in a day? Chances are you don’t, so please don’t worry about my protein intake. It is very, very easy to consume enough protein without taking in animal products.

FAQ #3 What about your husband? What is he going to eat? Matt is more of a vegan than I will ever be. He is more on board with this than I am. You know those amazing non-vegan chocolate cakes at Amelie’s? I will NEVER turn one down. The point of this is to make decisions that I can live with, and I can live with occasionally eating non-vegan foods. For me, personally, it will be pretty rare.

FAQ #4 Is veganism okay for kids? I mean, kids NEED milk, right? Oh my gosh, y’all. Don’t you know me? I would never do anything bad for my kids. In my opinion, a vegan diet makes a healthy child. There are clear scientific links to animal protein causing cancer as well as cardiovascular disease. Especially here in America it is abundantly clear that we consume too much animal protein; the decision about how much you and your family eat is up to you.

FAQ #5 How do you feel? Most questions about veganism are getting a little old. This one is really nice to answer. I feel great! I feel a lot less tired, less dependent on caffeine (all though I still drink a cup of coffee a day), I am losing weight and inches more quickly than I was before counting calories, and my mood is much more neutral. I also feel light directly after I eat a meal. You know that heavy, tired, kind of satisfied feeling you get after eating meat? I thought that’s what “full” felt like, now I realize that it’s not. After I eat I feel like I have more energy. I used to rely on afternoon coffee for that. 🙂

FAQ #6 What do you eat? Well, I love experimenting in the kitchen so right now we eat a bit of everything. It is really easy to eat food that is just as delicious, if not better, than the food you are currently eating. In fact, my friend Sara and I are planning on an “intro to vegan cooking” get together sometime in June for anyone who is interested in seeing how easy and delicious veganism can be.

I hope that’s answered a few of your questions! I might get annoyed by passing (stupid) questions, but there is no such thing as a stupid question from someone who is generally interested – either in my life or in vegan living in general.



2 thoughts on “FAQ’s from a reluctant vegan

  1. We’re totally interested in that ‘intro to veganism’ cooking class! We’re currently 6 months into ‘clean eating’ and have loved it. We eat a 80% less meat than ever before…we still eat a lot of dairy, but we’re seriously hoping to cut back. We look forward to hearing if you guys do pursue the class. Thanks for sharing!

    • Candice, sounds like you’re eating the way that we were just a few months ago! Cutting out dairy was a huge step for me, so I approached it pretty slowly. It ended up not being as big of a deal as I thought! I will post when we prepare to do the class!

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