The Cost of Going Vegan

I recently posted my normal grocery list but this week I am going to attempt to go vegan so my list was somewhat different. One of the most common questions I get is about how much money we spend on groceries and what our shopping trip looks like; So in light of all that I am posting what I bought at the store today and what the total cost was. I will also be going to the farmers market tomorrow and getting some fresh strawberries hopefully!

vegan 2

vegan 3

vegan 4

Soy milk
Coconut Milk
Extra firm tofu (2)
Vegetable stock
Multi-grain tortillas (2)
Brown rice (2)
12 grain bread by Nature’s Own
Coconut milk yogurt (2)
Cashews (2)
Almonds (2)
Avocados (4)
Cucumbers (2 large)
Zucchini (4)
Squash (2)
broccoli stalks (6)
Tomatoes (10)
Brussel Sprouts
Bananas (4 bags or about 40) (more on this later)
Garlic Hummus
Fresh bay leaves
shredded coconut
Black Beans (3)
Navel Oranges (16)
Mango (2)
Sweet Peppers (4)
Apple Sauce
Earth Balance Vegan Butter (more on that later)

If you were to go to Harris Teeter this week and buy everything on the same specials that I did this grocery list would cost you $140.
A couple of side notes:
Bananas. No, we won’t eat 40 in the next 2 weeks (All though I wouldn’t put it past my kids.) Whenever Harris Teeter has a surplus of bananas they put 10 or so in a bag and sell that bag for 99 cents. I’m all up on it. Most of the bananas don’t have any brown spots yet, so I leave those out for everyday consumption. The ones that are a little brown I throw into the freezes for baking or making banana ice cream.
Earth Balance. I wanted to buy a butter substitute for the week. If we like this and find it a good match for our family my genius friend Sara (check out her amazing and hilarious blog ) will teach me how to make a more natural version to keep at home.

A couple of vegan recipes that I am going to try to make this week:
Stuffed Shells from Oh She Glows
Ancho Lentil Tacos from Post Punk Kitchen
Vegan make ahead Steel Cut Oats from Oh She Glows
Black Bean and Quinoa Soup from Post Punk Kitchen


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