Healthy eating looks different for everyone

Remember when The Atkins diet was first a big thing? I remember my mom going to McDonald’s and eating some sort of greasy, nasty burger – without the bun – and this was supposed to be healthy for her. We live in a culture that is really preoccupied with being thin but where nearly everyone is ignorant of the nutrition and origins for foods that they are putting in their bodies. We’ll try any diet craze – as long as we can still eat our desserts and meat and chemicals.
Personally, I cringe when I see someone drinking a “diet” beverage because I think of all the damage that is being done to their bodies long-term. However, I have my unhealthy vices (Hello, sugar! How ya been, Chocolate?) and I’m overweight so I often just remain silent. We all have our things… things that we feel we are doing better than other, things that we feel we could improve upon. While I think that there are several wrong ways that we can eat I don’t know that there is any one right way.
So, this month I’m trying them all on for size. I have long-held pescetarian leanings. No true Marylander could ever give up seafood without some major convictions behind her. I, fortunately, have none of those particular convictions. As long as my seafood is wild caught and not raised on a fish farm somewhere I’m golden. All month, except for a few completely vegetarian days, I will remain pescetarian. On certain days I will remain gluten-free, with some paleo days as well. I will also attempt a vegan diet at some point in the month. I think this one will be the hardest for me – we eat A LOT of eggs in our family and milk is a comfort food. But, all the more reason to take a break from it, I think. On special days that I do or make something difficult (in spirit, not in preparation. No difficult cooking is ever done in my house.) I will share it with you.

Today, by happy coincidence, I am gluten-free. I didn’t set out to do this, I just ended up realizing at 3:30 that I had been gluten-free thus far, might as well stretch it to the end of the day.

Here has been what I have eaten, followed by what I plan to make for dinner:
Breakfast – coffee with french vanilla coconut milk creamer and a gluten-free banana muffin
snack – apple
Lunch – Salad, made with red leaf lettuce, sweet peppers, garbanzo beans, EVOO, tuna fish (with mayo) and garlic and herb goat cheese. Strawberries
Snack – blueberries and applesauce
Dinner – Vegetable hibachi made with kale, zucchini, broccoli and raw cashews, served over brown rice noodles

Here’s to gluten-free days!


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