Cast Iron Skillet Salmon or Bust

I discovered the wonders of a cast iron skillet last night. Matt bought me one for Christmas and I have to admit, I have been incredibly intimidated by the archaic looking cooking device. I had no idea what to make in it. Last night, though, after 2 months of disuse, I had enough of my […]

Five a Day!

I have recently been inspired and reminded by my friend Jill over at Lost and Not Found that I should be eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is admittedly easier to do without all the meat that I would normally be eating in the way. I think that for the majority […]

Healthy eating looks different for everyone

Remember when The Atkins diet was first a big thing? I remember my mom going to McDonald’s and eating some sort of greasy, nasty burger – without the bun – and this was supposed to be healthy for her. We live in a culture that is really preoccupied with being thin but where nearly everyone […]