We’re going live

In our house, it had become normal that my son didn’t eat anything green. I offered it to him constantly, but he wasn’t interested. Wouldn’t try it. At the age of 2, I was already wondering how in the heck to change this. I worried about his future. Friend after friend told me to hide vegetables in his food. While I agreed that this was better than nothing, I also hated the idea. I love vegetables and I wanted children who loved vegetables. I didn’t want to have to trick him into consuming nutrients… no matter how precious they are for your body. I knew there was a huge problem when we started making him a separate, unhealthy, meal when company came over just so that I didn’t have to deal with his complaining about the other food that I had prepared. I had recently been reading a book called Bringing Up Bebe which described the culinary habits of children in France. I was intrigued. Yes, there is the age-old adage “keep offering” mentality that I had employed – but it was more than that. The author said something so simple that I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought of it. If a child doesn’t like a certain vegetable – offer it again in a different way. Well. Duh. How much sense did that make? Especially for someone like me who loves to cook? I have to admit I haven’t been terribly creative in the vegetable department… I like vegetables as they are for the most part so I didn’t delve into creatively cooking with them.

Another piece of advice that I found intriguing: Let your kids cook with you. I started letting Jack (nearly 3) help me prepare dinner. The very first night he was eating swiss chard, spinach, kale and zucchini. I literally cried with relief. It makes me so happy to see these super foods find their way into my beautiful son’s life.

So, that brings me to now, and how this blog came into being. I want to inspire you to get out of your food ruts. I want to remind you that good, healthy food isn’t hard to make. I want to bring the family into the kitchen. Our family has eclectic tastes. We like vegetarian foods, we like meat, we like seafood, and we LOVE to bake. Not all of these foods will be healthy, you will find a healthy dose of cookie making in our mix… but all of our foods will be accessible to children and fun to make.

This is a blog about what goes into the mouth of babes and the wisdom of making healthy choices.

Come along with us.


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