Friday Night Pizza

Let’s start nice and easy. Everyone like pizza, right?

Tonight after dinner I went on a 30 minute walk and guess what I saw on my one little road? 3 pizza delivery cars! Instead of ordering out and eating who knows what, why not make pizza at home? It’s very easy and you can make it as healthy as you can handle. Last week Jack and Selah made an awesome pizza and tomorrow Jack is going to make the pizza for all of his party guests coming to celebrate his 3rd birthday.

You can buy whole wheat pizza dough pre-made at Trader Joe’s for $1 or at Harris Teeter for $2. You start by spreading out a little flour on a clean workspace. Roll out the pizza dough and then spread on the tomato paste. (You can also use spaghetti sauce if you’re out of paste.) Then add whatever toppings you like! This is a great time to get in veggies and not have to hide them.

When I am cooking with ingredients that need to be cut I like to do that before I invite the kids over to help, that way there is no waiting around.

For our pizza we decided on spinach, swiss chard, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Cook at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and then enjoy a guilt free pizza (that cost under $4) with your family.

See? healthy doesn’t mean gross, tasteless, difficult or expensive foods. Have a pizza party!


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Pizza

  1. Love it… great idea!!!! We used to do wednesday night pizza every week like this, but then we did the 24 day challenge and cut out breads… but still sneak this in now and then… we also do Naan bread pizzas on the grill sometimes!!

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