Make it a Hibachi Night

I have this friend named Elizabeth who can make anything. Seriously, anything. After Charley was born she made us a shrimp, tofu and cashew hibachi that I have never been able to forget. I always try to make it, but mine is never quite as great. The good news, though, is that while mine may not […]

Quick! Put this in your slow cooker!

I have a confession to make: I’m a terrible person in the morning. I hate morning. I hate getting out of bed. I hate the million mile hike from my bedroom to the kitchen. Pouring the coffee seems like an insurmountable task… but each morning I must do it… lives are at stake. So, given […]

Incredible Edible Quiche

One of the staples around the Murray household is quiche. Is easy, it’s cheap, you can add in small pieces of veggies for picky eaters, and you can customized it to your taste. Tonight Charlotte and I made a cheddar cheese, kale and (by her request) pepperoni quiche. I was a bit nervous about adding […]

Homemade dried cranberries… Ca-razy!

If you have kids, you’ve probably bought “Craisins” before, which is just the brand name for dried cranberries. For just over $4 you can enjoy 10 oz of dried cranberry deliciousness. I cringe to spend so much on so little, but the kids like them so…*shrug*. The other day I saw bags of fresh cranberries […]

Cook up some fun!

Jack and Selah LOVE to help me in the kitchen and they have a hard time waiting until dinner time to do so. I don’t generally have to cook for lunch so I hear “Is it time to make dinner?!” about 80 kajillion times a day. Today, I decided that we could cook up some fun […]

Classics made with real food

So, here is what I mean by healthy: REAL FOOD. We live at a time where a lot of our “food” comes from boxes. And it tastes delicious, and it’s easy, and our kids will eat it- so why not? Because most of the time it’s not actual food. There are ingredients that I can’t pronounce and […]

Friday Night Pizza

Let’s start nice and easy. Everyone like pizza, right? Tonight after dinner I went on a 30 minute walk and guess what I saw on my one little road? 3 pizza delivery cars! Instead of ordering out and eating who knows what, why not make pizza at home? It’s very easy and you can make […]

We’re going live

In our house, it had become normal that my son didn’t eat anything green. I offered it to him constantly, but he wasn’t interested. Wouldn’t try it. At the age of 2, I was already wondering how in the heck to change this. I worried about his future. Friend after friend told me to hide […]